Starlight Tubing is a cosmic experience! The festivities start at dusk when we turn off our floodlights, and illuminate the night with colorful lights and a laser display! The lights make a beautiful winter setting that are enjoyed while flying down the mountain and while riding to the top on our conveyor lift.  Come to join the fun, easy, and electric experience on the slopes!

No experience or special equipment is needed. Just hop in your snow tube and enjoy the ride!

Starlight Tubing is offered every Friday and Saturday night, and holiday dates, beginning at dusk (roughly 4pm)

Friday Hours: 4pm-8pm // Saturday Hours: 12pm-8pm.

  • EV8A00682
  • EV8A01842
  • MG 39372
  • EV8A00582
  • MG 39522
  • MG 39332
  • MG 38982
  • MG 39252
  • EV8A03652
  • MG 38432

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