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Do you have unlimited tubing available?

No.  Our tubing sessions are sold in 2-hour time slots.  Guests can purchase an additional 2-hour session if they choose. 


The only exception is for birthday parties which are sold in 4-hour time slots and school groups who do the Science of Snow Tubing program which is a 3-hour session.  

How old/tall do you need to be to tube?

Guests of many ages can enjoy snow tubing. We recommend that guests be at least 42" tall, but we leave the final decision to the judgment of the parent. Many young children have enjoyed tubing at Wild Chutes. We do have smaller tubes for younger children.

Can more than one person ride in a tube?

No, for safety reasons only one person can ride in a tube. If you are concerned about your little one riding down alone, you can link tubes with them.

Can we ride down on our stomach?

No, for safety reasons you must be sitting in your tube.

Do you have helmets available to rent?

Yes, we have helmets available to rent for $8.00.

Do you have a place for us to warm up?

Yes, we have a chalet with tables, chairs and food service available. We also have a fire pit outside our chalet.

Do you have food service available?

Yes, we do have concession style food service available. 

Do you have outlets available for crock pots?

Yes, we do have limited outlets available near our tables.

Can we reserve a table?

No, we do not reserve tables.

Do you have WIFI?

We do not have wifi available at Wild Chutes. If you are interested in working on-line while members of your group are tubing, wifi is available over in the Eagles Nest at Wild Mountain.

What is the max weight limit for tubing?

There is a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs per tube.

What should I do with my bag?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, bags should be remain in vehicles.  Bags under tables are not allowed and impede seating for our already reduced seating capacity.

Can we bring our own food?

Guests can bring personal food items, but food cooking aparatus (like slow cookers) are not allowed and should remain at home.

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