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The Ski Challenge organizes recreational skiers into race leagues. Each league has 10-16 teams with ten skiers per team. The regular series includes seven weeks of league racing, ending with an optional Team Championship.at Giants Ridge. All teams from all leagues are invited to compete at the championship. The Ski Challenge also offers a two-week pre-season league in December.

No experience is necessary, only the desire to have fun! Anyone may join a league as an individual, with a friend or two, or start a new team (on a space-available basis). Members join a league and race in that league (same time, day and area) for the entire seven-week series or two-week series in December.

Wild Mountain has three Sunday leagues (10:00 am, 1:30 pm, and 4:30 pm), a Friday afternoon league (1:30 pm) and a Wednesday night league (7:30 pm). For registration information go to the Ski Challenge website, or call the Ski Challenge office at 952-894-9220.


December 4, 


Wednesday Pre-Season League Starts (Dec. 4 - Dec. 18)



Races start at 7:30 pm


January 10, 


Friday League Starts (Jan. 10 - Feb. 21 )

Adult 17+ League


Races start at 1:30 pm


January 5, 


Sunday Leagues Start (Jan. 5  - Feb. 23)



AM League - Race starts at 10:30 am

All Ages League


Day League - Race starts at 1:00 pm

All Ages League


PM League - Race starts at 4:30 pm

Adult + Kids League

January 8, 


Wednesday League Starts (Jan. 8- Feb. 19)

All Ages League


Races start at 7:30 pm





The following Ski Challenge event is not at Wild Mountain:

Feb 28-March -1st, 2020

State Championships @ Giant's Ridge

Event Information

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