Our unique Science of Snow Tubing program is a hands-on educational field trip that is so fun students won’t even realize they are learning. Students enjoy a day of snow tubing while working in teams to collect data from seven zones. The zones cover average speed, instantaneous speed, the force of friction, work and power, the coefficient of friction, potential energy, and kinetic energy. Once students collect their data they get to experience physics first hand by doing some tubing for the rest of the visit.

Once students are back in the classroom they will calculate the results of their data using our lesson packets. Teacher and student packets are provided. These packets will provide everything that students and teachers need to complete the Science of Snow Tubing program.

Ideal for math and science classes, grades 7-12.

Minimum of 30 paid students Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 5 pm

Cost is $13.00 per student for 3 hr, session, 

Click here to request more information on booking a group, or call us at 651-465-6365 to make your reservation.

 Student Handbook for Science of Snow Tubing      Teacher Packet SOS

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