Last Updated: 12/7/2018

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Front Stage


Current Set Up: 

Skiers Right:

Ramp to Skate Box

Shotgun Tubes drop Culvert

Flat-Down Culvert Tubes

Skiers Left:

Poop Tube

Flat-Down Rail

Tall Hanger Box


Back Stage


Current Set Up: 

Skiers Right:

Green Poop Tube

40' A-Frame Shotgun's as Down-Flat

20' Flat Tube

Skiers Center

Matt's 'Stache Rail

Elbow Tube


Flat-Down Rail

Skiers Left

Flat-Down-Flat combo

50' Down-Flat-Down



Quarter Rabbit


Current Set Up: 

Currently closed due to heavy snowmaking for the whoop-dee-whoops


Main Stage


Current Set Up: 

*Hoping to set Wednesday


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